8 Aug 2018

The new CX News, and welcome NZ!

Starting today (Wednesday 8 August 2018) CX News welcomes our New Zealand readers to our weekly newsletter.

This expanded weekly newsletter replaces our previous CX NZ digital magazine, which is now joined into CX Magazine each month.

CX will now carry expanded content and coverage of the industry in New Zealand, including commissioned features from our popular and well credentialed New Zealand corespondent Jenny Barrett.

Some content changes will improve CX Magazine, with reference to NZ Distributors in new product editorial and reviews where the NZ Distributor is different to the Australian distributor. We think these changes strengthen our reach and coverage and make a more inclusive media for a more unified industry. We see the two nations moving together in a constructive way, while respecting the unique attributes and awesome professionalism on both sides of the ditch.


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