30 Oct 2018

Technology Engages Students in Learning


Technology Engages Students in Learning

Keeping students focused has always been a challenge, but in today’s distraction-ridden world, it’s even more difficult.

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Technology can be a source of distraction, but when harnessed effectively, it can enable educators to adopt a more personalized approach to education. Research has demonstrated that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences.

By welcoming technology into the classroom, educators can now take advantage of this, benefitting from increased engagement and better learning retention as a result.


Interactive Projection Empowers Active Learning
Before projectors became common in the classroom, teachers would have to get into class early to write up notes, and constantly erase and rewrite content on the board as the lesson progressed. These regular disruptions often caused students to lose interest, or start chatting among themselves as they waited for the next part of the lesson. Then, more time would be wasted on classroom management.

An interactive projector can be a valuable tool for reducing distraction and increasing engagement. With interactive projectors, each element of the lessons, such as presentations and exercises, can be planned in advance, used for multiple students groups, and shared with other teachers.

This greatly decreases the admin burden, and makes it easier to stay organised, both inside the classroom and out. In addition, interactive projectors are perfect for switching between tasks: it is as simple as switching between tabs on the browser or opening up a slideshow. By breaking up a lesson into shorter, varied segments, it helps students stay focused on the material and learn more effectively.


Children engaging with interactive learning tools


Just like smartphones and tablets, interactive projectors use multi-touch, meaning multiple students can complete a puzzle, or even a task together in class. It greatly improves students’ engagement not only with vivid slideshows and video content, but also with interactive presentations, puzzle-type games, and group activities all in one session.



All-in-One Projection Solution Simplifies Student Engagement
To help save the educators the hassle while trying to engage students in learning, an all-in-one projector system is developed to offer unparalleled user experience. Combining the features of interactive white board, television, computer, projector, DVD player, and audio system, the all-in-one projection solution provides all the tech teachers need to keep students concentrating in class.

It is a portable, easy-to-use, plug-and-play device that can convert any wall into an interactive surface.

With this solution, educators today, instead of taking lots of time and trouble negotiating with multiple suppliers for machine purchase and maintenance, can spend more time improving course content as well as enhancing students’ retention. Furthermore, equipped with a host of value-added services, such as interactive multimedia content, virtual experiments, education videos, and even teacher training programs, the all-in-one projection solution empowers teachers with educational resources for upgraded classroom experience.

What’s the future?
Allowing students to take ownership of their education is at the heart of active learning.

It is obviously much easier for the students to concentrate on something when playing an active role. It taps into students’ need to move, interact, and play. In a classroom that is using specific strategies to target engagement and active learning, students would not be seen sitting quietly at their desks listening to a teacher speak about the content.

Instead, they will be participating and exploring, sitting on different types of seats, standing up, using interactive technology, playing games, engaging in discussion, or creating their own projects. The result is that they stay engaged for longer.

As a leader in the projection market, Optoma knows reliable, easy-to-set-up equipment is required
to help teach more effectively. It develops and provides a complete education projector range with cost effective, high quality products. From small classrooms to large lecture halls, all aspects of the education environment can well benefit from Optoma’s technology solutions, bringing learning to life.

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