Another gig. Another Lightie Screws it up! And about PYRO……

18 Jan 2014

Disturbed at the pontoons loaded with ordinance floating near the publisher pile at Birchgrove, I took a flight as far south as possible to escape New Years Eve. Hobart was booked solid, so I settled for Launceston. Surely they’ve never heard of Foti or met any of the Howard Sons down there, I reasoned? But…

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Done an excellent gig – and they won’t pay you!

29 Dec 2013

UPDATED 3 January, 2014. While CX is certain every performer and contractor associated with the amazingly bungled NYE Water Party at Village Roadshow’s new Wet’n’Wild park in Sydney was paid in full by the promoter, there’s plenty of tales of woe associated with no payment or part payment generally. No one has contacted CX to…

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CX Wayback: How we’ve changed – TAPE!

7 Dec 2013

From CX 1997: Protalk ! All about tape Compiled by Dan Cole What breed of tape should you use and what to watch out for are crucial questions. Duncan Wood is from World Record Studios and Tap, Brisbane, and says that whether it’s good or bad, tape will be here for many years to come.…

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You want DRUMS with that?

24 Nov 2013

Just briefly – having a quiet few while my mate Chris Mysinski mixes for Peter Northcote at the regular Balmain Sunday Drive gig at The Bridge Hotel. The usual random lineup happens from Northcote’s crony world, which goes to the charm of the whole Sunday (before 7pm) rock gig cover song thing. This drummer, who…

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Finally a retro band worthwhile: Misex

17 Nov 2013

Although gazillions drive past the old Bridge Hotel at Rozelle few know the joys within. Living in the leafy millionaire’s row at Wahroonga while lamenting the lack of a said million or three, I was too far away to explore classic venues like this. Except for one miserable night earlier in 2012 attempting to identify…

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1,500 Event ‘Professionals’ tested on tech knowledge…..

5 Nov 2013

The Event Leadership Institute in the USA tested 1,500 Event Planners for technical knowledge with an online test and found an average score of 48 out of 100. This shouldn’t surprise any AV tech working on the nervous coalface of corporate AV, but it needs improvement, since this was a survey of PROFESSIONAL planners who…

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Media hurts Hard Rock couple

1 Nov 2013

“From Hard Rock to hard times: cafes collapse owing millions” yells the Brisbane Times this week. “Australia’s Hard Rock Cafe franchise has collapsed” asserts The Sunshine Coast Daily. So where does that leave the new owners of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise and two outlets? Jeff and Sam Beaumont (above) purchased the business as a…

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CX Training Venture Fails – Again!

22 Oct 2013

After a year CX has pulled the plug on a short course partnership with Chatswood venue The Concourse. Offering short and sharp live sound and lighting courses, each with a two day duration and selling under $300, the demand was disappointing. Previously Juliusmedia Group were associated with accredited courses run at Julius Events College in…

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Rod Craig Dies

22 Oct 2013

Achieved Huge Success in Audio The passing of Audio Telex Communications founder Rod Craig leaves a void because people who achieve so much are rare. In the 1970’s he along with Roy Morgan and Alan Clarke saw an opportunity to become the distributor for Telex products in Australia. Audio Telex Communications began with two small…

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Rogues I have known (and loved)

20 Oct 2013

PHIL TRIPP: MUSIC INDUSTRY ROGUE I met Phil in the very early days of my magazine biz, because he was The Man who ran immedia! His Australasian Music Industry Directory was in those glory days of print, the most stolen publication in the biz. At $25 a pop, it appeared twice a year with 300…

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30 Sep 2013

(Picture: trade shows headed for life support? Actual exhibit at INTEGRATE 2013!) Our guest editorial in CX this month by Jason Allen makes the startling yet believable claim that total visitor time spent attending all three trade shows held in Sydney this year was worth $14,404,000. Jason says assuming your time is worth $800 a…

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Darwin Safety: the plot thickens

17 Sep 2013

Our Blog on Safety, Darwin Style last week attracted a lot of comments, here. Now this additional image has come to hand, showing a remarkable disregard for basic safety with a crew member or observer standing without a hard hat and wearing what appear to be thongs. This is allegedly the load in of the…

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