13 Sep 2017

Switchcraft introduce Redesigned 1/4” Plugs with Rubber Flex Relief

Switchcraft have introduced their new style 1/4″ Mono and Stereo 6.35mm Plugs – the 280F series. Using the same tried and tested plug fingers as the 270, 280 and 297 plugs they are housed in a sleek, ‘re-designed’ nickel die cast handle with true rubber flex relief.

Instrument cables are constantly plugged in and removed and the end of the cable is frequently bent during normal use – one of the most frequent sources of intermittence and failure. The unique rubber flex relief in the 280F series eliminates harsh bends and protects your cable where it needs it most.

These re-designed plugs are offered with Solder lugs or screw terminals & cable clamp and two different diameters to accomodate common cable sizes of 4.6mm-5.6mm or 5.6mm-6.4mm.

The one piece tip rods provide optimum strength and conductivity.

For further details contact Clarke & Severn Electronics 02-94821944 or email or visit





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