3 Oct 2017

Robert Juliat Dalis 862 LED footlight

Many stages need footlights to up-fill the actors and gently wash shadows. Traditional tungsten footlights struggle with profile and heat. This is where the Robert Juliat Dalis 862 LED footlight comes in.

It has a lot of tricks, especially in the asymmetric department. This is where you can vary the wash up close and high, or longer range and lower. This is due to the two rows of LED’s, individually controllable.

Used together at a uniform level, you might find a warmer overlap at some position. But first, the headline items. This is a multi-white device, with tuneable colour temperature variable from 2,200 to 6,500 degrees K. Second, it is wholly convection cooled. Third, when everything is turned on it eats any tungsten footlight for breakfast.

Cables can be tucked away underneath. It has adjustable legs, and rib nuts for a clamp or bar hanging. Control includes RDM which allows remote channel changes Gearbox and function monitoring on your control desk. But it is the incremental control that is a real winner – each 1m strip is segmented into 8, 4 on the top bar; and 4 on the bottom.

This allows some very subtle adjustments to suit the complexity of theatre. Another neat feature is the inbuilt LED markers. These are a red, or blue, LED every 250mm which again are individually controlled. Markers are typically used to either prevent a performer walking off the front of the stage, or to give them a mark or position to go to. With this, you could set a line of blue LEDs along the footlights, with one red LED as the ‘go-to’ position.

Like most good LED devices, it is multi-modes – with presets such as ‘single dimmer’ and set presents of colour temperature. It also comes in a half sized (500mm long) model, for when your stage is not quite exactly the right width.

Brand:Robert Juliat

Model: Dalis 862

Pricing: $5,544 ex gst

Product Info:



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