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Review: Event Lighting M7W40RGBW RGBW zoom wash

event lx

By Julius Grafton.

Event Lighting are contesting the middle of the market with the M7W40RGBW – which would be better if it had a name. Like Ernie, that would be nice.

This little 12 kilogram contender has 7 Osram 40 watt LED engines, and if everything is running all at once draws 265 watts at the mains.

The zoom range is 4 to 36 degrees. It has premixed colours, mixed before the light hits the lens, avoiding chromatic aberration.

It is pixel controllable so you can control each LED individually, to create patterns or spell things out if there is a truss load of identical units. This produces almost a gobo effect in smoke – without a gobo, as it is a wash device, not a profile.

The unit is powered by real Neutrik powerCON connectors, has 5 pin DMX connectors and ethercon as well. You can push Artnet directly into unit – instead of chewing up a lot of DMX universes.

We looked at the spec. It claims 630 degrees of rotation, in 1.56 seconds; and 265 degree tilt in .85 seconds. It met this. The pan and tilt were reasonably quiet, as was the zoom machine.

Colours are as you’d expect from RGBW, and the colour temperature correction works adequately too.

The LCD display is good and easy to navigate around, I checked the fan display to check they were on. I couldn’t get much noise of either fan, which is a good sign.

You need between 19 and 51 dmx channels, depending on how granular you want the controls. It has provision on board for a wireless module, and it plays the RDM card too.

There is a built in dmx recorder for stand alone applications, and a battery on the menu card so you can change settings or prep the unit without mains juice.

A 2 year warranty completes the picture.

Price: $3490.

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