21 Jan 2020

Tips and Tricks: Recording with Soundcraft’s Ui24R

by Soundcraft

Recording with Soundcraft’s Ui24R

More than just a digital mixer, Soundcraft’s Ui24R doubles as a recording interface that offers engineers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to capturing a performance. Here, we will take a quick look at five ways to use the recording functionality of the Ui24R.

1: Direct to USB

A great option for quick and easy hassle-free recording is direct to USB. On the front panel of the Ui24R, there’s a USB slot that you can plug a stick into and record all 22 input channels to USB as individual, unprocessed WAV files.

This is a really great option that makes it practical to record every session you do on the mixer. You never know when you will strike gold, and when that magic happens, the ease of direct to USB recording will mean you’ll be sure to have it on file ready for mix down.


2: 32in/32out Recording Interface

The USB-B outlet on the front panel allows you to setup the Ui24R as a 32in/32out USB recording interface. Plugged into your computer it will talk directly to whatever DAW you’re already using so that you can get your recordings directly into a session.

This really makes it easy to use the Ui24R as a recording interface either on the road, or set-up in the studio. The 32in/32out gives you a massive input and output count, allowing the whole band to be tracked live with monitoring and headphone send flexibility.

3: Dual-path redundant multi-track recording

In addition to using the direct to USB and interfacing options, the Ui24R supports dual path multi-track recording. Recording to a standard USB stick and DAW via USB at the same time gives you peace of mind knowing that should something go wrong; you will have a back-up available.

This setup also allows both engineer and band to take home recordings from the gig or session quickly and easily.

4: Virtual Soundcheck

Because the Ui24R can function as a full interface, you can also send tracks back out to the mixer. For any artist who is going to be recording with pre-recorded tracks, this is a real godsend, because it means that they can mix those tracks in real time and achieve a really nice natural sound that suits the gig.

This also means that bands can run a virtual soundcheck: you can soundcheck a band in the space and get everything dialled in before the band even shows up.

5: Master Mix

Finally, for quick and dirty recordings of jam sessions, rehearsals and live gigs, the Ui24R can be used to record the master left and right mix as a stereo WAV file ready for the band to take with them after the show.

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