16 May 2018

QSC introduces Software Licenses

QSC has introduced advanced software features under optional licences for the rapidly developing Q-SYS audio video control platform. The inevitable separation of software and hardware will allow customers to select the software facilities they need for each individual application and purchase selectively to make system economies.

At this stage QSC is introducing two licences one to facilitate the use of UCI (User Control Interfaces) and one for custom scripting. In short if a QSC touchscreen, iPhone/iPad or the UCI viewer application is used a UCI Editor License is required. If control of third party devices via custom Lua scripting is used a Scripting Editor Licence is required.

Both licences only apply to Core 110f and Core 510 and come into force with Q-SYS Designer V7.0. Systems already deployed with older software versions will automatically receive both licences free-of-charge when they upgrade to V7.0 (or later).

The Q-SYS UCI Editor is an easy to use, drag-and-drop design tool that allows users to create custom, robust UCIs for native Q-SYS touch screen controllers, all without the need for any previous programming experience.

For installations that require more complex control integration, the Q-SYS Scripting Engine allows control plug-ins and scripts to easily integrate third-party devices with the Q-SYS Platform. It also provides the backbone for new controller components that allow users to create custom scripts using modern, accessible scripting languages including Lua, an open-source, IT friendly programming language.

The licences are available at time of hardware purchase or can be added later. The UCI Editor License and Lua Scripting Editor Licence cost $299 and $599 respectively for Core110f and $749 and $1,499 for Core 510i.

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