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Prowise interactive flat panels – the Pro Line and the Entry Line

Prowise ELB Press Release

ELB formerly Electroboard, an 11 office national technology provider and exclusive distributor of Prowise, announces the launch of two new series of Prowise interactive flat panels– the Pro Line and the Entry Line.

The new Pro Line series offers advanced technology that enables single sign-on, as well as a more natural digital writing experience. Users can access the flat panel and its software with just one swipe of a smart card or smart phone. New pressure-sensitive technology creates a truly natural writing experience.

These innovative, easy-to-use panels boast a brushed aluminium bezel, Ultra HD (4K) resolution, integrated Blu-ray module, built-in 2.1 soundbar, top webcam mount and USB, a five-year Presenter Pro account for cloud based white boarding and collaboration, with a five-year full warranty. A 2016 BETT Awards finalist, the Prowise Pro Line is available in 65”, 75”, and 84” models.

“Our objective is to use and present technological advancements in ways that optimally benefit users in both the education and corporate sectors,” said Erik Neeskens, Prowise Sales Director. “The new Pro Line series is a premium product that makes it easier and more intuitive to access, use, and manage the hardware, software, and digital content required to ensure effective and engaging interactive experiences in any space.”

The new Entry Line series is a value-priced alternative which features full HD resolution, a black aluminium bezel, and quality integrated speakers. Available in 55”, 65” and 70” models, it also comes with a five-year Presenter Pro account, and a full five-year warranty.

“Today’s businesses, schools, and organizations rely on technology, and as a supplier of innovative technology solutions, we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best range of quality, reliable alternatives,” said Aldo Alibrandi, of ELB Distribution. “The Entry Line represents the most robust, value-priced solution for any collaboration space.”

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