23 Oct 2019

Over 6 Million Pixels For MCEC – Vuepix Infiled Delivers Supersized Screens

ULA Group is very proud and excited to have been involved in supplying Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with VuePix Infiled LED screen technology, delivering eight supersized screens throughout their award-winning complex.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), located in the heart of Melbourne, along the famous Yarra River, has set the standard as a leader for providing innovative, extraordinary events and functional, contemporary spaces of every shape and nature.


To compliment the venue’s award winning design and ultramodern image, management engaged the services of the ULA Group to design, install and partially supply a variety of the LED screens for their venue. Positioned in the prime locations throughout the convention and exhibition centre, the screens are designed to educate and inform guests on upcoming events, facilities, services and opportunities available within the venue.

MCEC also famously boasts a 6-Star Green Star environment rating, the first of its kind in the world for a convention centre. This puts a great deal of emphasis on all fixtures and appliances installed and used in the venue. With the offering of 63 meeting rooms and 40,000 square metres of exhibition space, MCEC is in a class of its own when it comes to creative diversity and physical capacity in tailoring to the specific needs of their exhibitors, guests and staff.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre prides itself on consistently delivering exceptional service and facilities to its guests, exhibitors, staff and performers. The LED displays had to be visually engaging both in presentation and location to capture the attention of those who visit the venue.

Due to ULA’s long-standing relationship with MCEC, their experienced team of technicians, designers and installers already understood the dynamics of the venue and how the LED displays would best represent the venue. There was a rigorous testing and tender process to ensure the LED product selected met all of the required criteria, and Vuepix Infiled was the chosen supplier.



The ULA Group was awarded a tender to design, install and supply a large outdoor Super Screen for the Clarendon Street entrance of MCEC, as well as four indoor screens for MCEC’s foyer. All the LED displays had to fit in existing frames within the venue.


Clarendon Street Entrance

The Outdoor Super Screen was replacing existing plasma screens to provide a seamless and dynamic visual display, mounted on the exterior of the building and visible to both venue visitors and neighbouring traffic.

The Super Screen was to be designed to operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and required reliable, advanced software to easily update content and remotely monitor the display for maintenance purposes.

The VuePix Infiled L series outdoor panels were specified as the preferred solution for this application. There were several constraints around weight and conforming to design elements of the rest of the venue. Working with ULA’s installation partners, a custom solution for mounting and installation was achieved.

The installation of the LED displays had to work around the erratic hours of operation of the venue and have minimal disruption to visitors and events.

The 36-panel configuration was installed with an automatic brightness sensor to automatically adjust brightness levels according to sun exposure.


The four LED displays which were located within the venue in varying degrees of natural light had to be customised to fit in existing frames, which resulted in creation of a fully customised solution.

The removal of the existing LCD displays as well as the installation of new LED screens had to yet again work around the limited hours to ensure a minimal disruption to visitors and events.

The VuePix Infiled customised modular displays of 3.5mm pixel pitch are used to advertise the events and functions happening in the venue, while navigating visitors to their destination.



In 2016, MCEC started work on a $200 million 20,000sqm expansion, including new flexible multi-purpose event space, new exhibition halls, additional meeting rooms, a banquet room, and more catering facilities.

Rutledge AV was awarded the tender and appointed to project manage whole AV installation within the new premises. Based on a long term relationship and previous delivery of LED displays for an existing building, the VuePix Infiled technology was specified as preferred solution for the new expansion.

Rutledge AV in conjunction with ULA Group designed and delivered new LED technology based on the scope provided by the architects appointed by MCEC.


New Convention Centre Entrance

The new outdoor VuePix Infiled super screen welcomes all visitors approaching the Convention Centre through the newly built main entrance. Promoting current exhibitions, functions and events happening within the venue, it delivers sharp visuals of exceptional quality in any light conditions, thanks to inbuilt automatic brightness sensors.

The VuePix Infiled ER3 series outdoor panels allowing front service maintenance access were chosen for this application. With its high brightness and serviceability, it was the right fight for this application. With an impressive native resolution of 2560 X 512 Pixels, it allows for rich content to be shown and read up close to the screen.


New MCEC Extension

One of the first elements that visitors notice when entering the new MCEC expansion is another VuePix Infiled screen which has been strategically positioned within the new foyer to provide all information needed for easy navigation through the venue.

Advertising all major events happening within MCEC, it serves both the purpose of promoting the customers of MCEC, as well as directing foot traffic the right way.

The VuePix Infiled S series panels of 3.6mm pixel pitch deliver superb visual experience for all visitors seeking the right directions within the venue. This screen was also designed with an angle, an option available in the S Series.


The ULA Group provided solutions throughout the entire duration of the MCEC project, from the tender process through to the lights on the seven LED displays at the venue. ULA ensured that the MCEC’s commitment to energy efficiency through their 6-star green environment rating was adhered to in designs and products.

The VuePix Infiled technology was instrumental in the provision of highly efficient and visually engaging displays, which provided the client guaranteed exposure in their presentations and assurance in the technology, without short-cuts on quality.

Due to the screen’s 24/7 operation, it was imperative that the VuePix Infiled LED displays were installed with a remote monitoring system to report on possible technical issues in real time.


Through the installation of the seven VuePix Infiled screens both in and outside of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, guests are greeted with visual consistency and engagement throughout their time at the venue. Providing entertainment news, venue hire information, conference acknowledgement and even just some welcoming imagery, the audience will only see it if the LED displays are inviting and engaging.

MCEC has created a culture of activity which evokes anticipation and excitement for all of its guests whether they be conference organisers or customers visiting an exhibition. Making events to remember is MCEC’s specialty and the ULA Group were proud to be associated with such an influential location.

With the new expansion, MCEC has firmly cemented their position of the largest convention and exhibition space in Australia, with an increased total size of over 70,000sqm.


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