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New at ENTECH 2020 – the AV Hour of Power

AV Hour of Power 600

At 10 AM, an hour before the show floor of ENTECH Roadshow opens, Australia’s consultants and integrators will assemble for the AV Hour Of Power! Fuelled by free coffee and pastries, the busy AV professional will be treated to product expert’s ‘elevator pitches’ on what their product is, how it works, and why you should specify it for your next project. The ‘pitchers’ will be tightly time restricted, and there is a strict NO POWERPOINT policy in place.

Moderator and CX editor Jason Allen will run a tightly timed ship, electric cattle prod at the ready to swiftly put a stop to any techno-waffle or marketing blather. Your time is important, and this one hour digest of the latest and greatest solutions from leading exhibitors such as AVD, Epson, Bose, and Jands will get you ahead of the market, and on top of your game.  

If you’d like to attend, register here for FREE. If you’d like to exhibit and pitch your product to Australia’s finest collection of consultants and integrators, email organiser Jason Allen.

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