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Name: Alyce Kelly

Phone: 0424 506 621

Email: alyce@av1.com.au

Location: Sydney, NSW

Calling all experienced technical directors. We’d love you to come and work with us over at AV1.

Here are just five reasons you should apply now:

It’s a full time gig

Yes, we’re offering full time work for TDs! With the security of full time comes guaranteed hours, pay and all the benefits.

Earn up to 40,000 frequent flyer points

AV1 does roadshows like no other. As a TD you’ll regularly tour around Australia on gigs, seeing a show through until the very end. With all travel expenses paid, you’ll be sure to earn loads of frequent flyer points to put towards that holiday you’ve been waiting for.

Use hi tech gear

The AV1 warehouse is packed with over 15,000 inventory items from the best quality brands like Barco, L’Acoustics, Shure and Martin. It’s maintained to the enth degree so when you’re on site you can trust the gear you’re operating. For the tech-heads, we also regularly check out what’s new on the market and invest if it’ll make our events even better for our clients.

Our systems & processes are down pat

AV1 have won a few industry awards over the years, and that’s because we have industry best practices in place. Our Crew Manager makes sure you have plenty of notice and details for upcoming gigs. Our Equipment Manager makes sure you have the right gear on site. Our Warehouse Manager makes sure that gear is working perfectly. And our WHS Manager will make sure you’re kept safe. We don’t want working with us to just be easy for our clients, we want it to be easy for you too.

Get the variety you need

It’s time for a sea change. With AV1 you get to work on a variety of events with different clients, in different venues and in different cities. No two gigs are the same so you’ll be constantly challenged and excited by the events you help create.

We’re looking for someone who knows their stuff and can hop in the driver’s seat and get going straight away.

Join us. Apply now to go places with AV1.

Haven’t heard of AV1? Check out our website at www.av1.com.au

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Alyce Kelly

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, AV1 supplies and manages technical production for conferences, events and roadshows all over the world. In its short history AV1 has managed productions all over Australia, in New Zealand, Fiji, China and the USA.

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