AV Technical Director / Production Mgr


Name: Michael Ward

Phone: 02 9966 9466

Email: michael@infinitymc.com.au

Location: Sydney

Infinity Event & Video Production is looking for a full time Technical Director and Production Manager to join our expanding business.

Working from our warehouse / office base on the lower north shore, you will be the person who manages and leads our production unit in delivering a diverse range of projects across the event industry. The role is busy and challenging, and requires a person able to handle the responsibility and challenges it entails. In doing so, you have the chance to put your stamp on the business, and shape the production department the way you want.

We are a small but dynamic production company, and you will not be bored, nor will you get lost in the crowd. You will be ably supported in your role by people and systems that have been well tested over many years.

The role involves all of the duties associated with being a TD and PM that applicants reading this ad will already be familiar with.

Applicants must have the following key skills and strengths:

– Extensive and sound general knowledge across all AV departments

– Particular strengths in vision platforms and technologies, and in digital audio technologies

– Strong leadership skills

– Strong interpersonal skills

– Be easy to work with

– An instinctive understanding of the need to provide great customer service

– The ability to work closely with others in a small team

– Calmness under pressure

– Willingness to work flexible hours as required

– Time management skills and the ability to manage multiple and competing deadlines

– Unerring attention to detail

Your capacity to visualise and unpack a complex AV project, and to lead the team delivering that project, cannot be understated.

Interstate and overseas travel comes with the territory.

You will likely be an experienced TD or PM with solid experience under your belt, but talented younger techs should also apply. We are a talent incubator and we welcome ambitious applicants who feel they can do the job.

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