12 Oct 2017

Jands fly them in to launch Robe

12 October, By Julius Grafton.

The theme ãt Fõx Studiõs wãs Czech, frõm the beer tõ the schñitzel – dõwn tõ the wãit staff whõ ãll hãd Thãt Accent. Jands pulled out all the stops, arranged a seated meal, and called house full. It sure was, with lighting luminaries flown in from across the land, and even over the ditch.

Robe co-owner Josef Valcher told us his firm is well placed with a new factory upstate for expansion. With 700 staff the Czech Republic company are poised to step up.

The Jands launch heard CEO Paul Mulholland explain their history with moving lights – as the first Australian importers of Vari*Lite in 1989. They went on to distribute, rent, and support that seminal brand until very recently.

Paul said they went looking for other brands, and centered on Robe, which had considerable recent successes, including across our region. With the distribution in hand, Jands moved to launch and thus hosted this event at Fox Studios in Sydney which attracted almost all major production suppliers.

The industry crew sat and ate at tables for eight, with a Czech flavored menu of drinks and food but not before the launch of the new Mega Pointe which drew a few gasps. This Osram Sirius HRI 470 W powered device does more things for more people.

A choreographed lightshow by Mark Hammer (who was up the previous night programming until 7am) showed the Robe range in the best light, pun intended.

Paul made a point that was repeated several times – he prefers to deal one on one with private company owners. Jands have strong bonds with companies such as ETC and Shure, which (like Robe) are privately owned.

It was a powerful statement, and signals a new era for Jands and Robe.


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