1 Mar 2017

Is this the end of frustrating electrical disconnections?

You’re used to having a throng of extension cords spread around the place at shows and events. While most people are careful even the well-intentioned can trip over a cord or “borrow” it for something else, and bring your production to a screeching halt. Sure, you can knot the cords together but this is slow and damages the plugs and cords.

Put an end to this frustration with the new Ampfibian X1 weatherproof connection protector. This tough little unit clamps around the cord connection and locks it together with a water-tight seal. The built-in spring-loaded cleats grip the cords – not the plugs – so not matter how hard you pull, you stay connected.

It’s weather and dustproof to IP55, meaning it can be sprayed with a jet of water from any direction and not get wet inside. There is also a handy padlock loop so you can make sure you don’t get disconnected or have your X1 go walk-about!

It’s clear, it’s tough, it’s designed and made in Australia.

Check out the whole range of Ampfibian electrical safety products and extension cords by visiting:  or



Ampfibian Pty Ltd is an Australian company headquartered in northern NSW. Based on the insight that safety and convenience go hand-in-hand, it designs and manufactures personal power safety adaptors and weatherproof enclosures. The company is committed to improving electrical safety for people and businesses.


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