14 Sep 2018

How To Reduce Projector Noise

How To

Reduce Projector Noise

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Museums, exhibitions and boardrooms: you all know – and hate – that constant buzz from projectors. But did you know that you can help reduce the noise yourself? Which of these 5 tips can you apply straight away? Projector noise can be just plain distracting. Here’s what you can do to keep it low.


1. Choose your projector carefully
The best way to minimize projector noise is to choose your projector carefully. Compare dBA ratings. Remember, a 10-dBA difference means twice the perceived loudness. Also, more lumens = more noise.



2. Embrace cleanliness
Dirt and dust reduce air flow to your projector and make its cooling system work harder, which means more noise. So keep your projector’s fan free of dirt and dust.



3. Keep your distance
Projectors sound quieter the farther away you get. Double the distance and the noise level drops by 6 dBA.



4. Soften up your venue
Hard surfaces reflect sound more than soft ones. So use carpeting or linoleum flooring instead of concrete or wood, and install acoustic ceiling tiles. Plants work too!



5. Box the projector!
Another solution is to encase the projector in a protective box. Downside: heat and condensation can affect performance. Avoid if possible.



This is just the tip of the noiseberg. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Barco or check out the silent F series projectors.


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