4 Oct 2018

How To: Deploy The Qsc Q-Sys Platform In Meeting Rooms

How To

Deploy The Qsc Q-SYS Platform In Meeting Rooms

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The Q-SYS Software Platform is an audio, video and control platform that leverages the power of Intel processing, the robustness and mission-critical reliability of Linux realtime operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards to deliver an open and IT-friendly ecosystem. The capabilities of Q-SYS software-based processing and control transcends the limitations found in single purpose hardware-based products.

Q-SYS Conference Room Integration Solution
SOFT CODEC INTEGRATION – The Q-SYS Platform allows for an easy, plug-and-play experience for the end users to interface their own device or in-rack PC with the room’s audio and video camera streams for soft codec applications like Skype for Business or Zoom without any special device drivers.

ROOM GEOGRAPHY SOLVED – Q-SYS end points devices allow the user to connect on the table (via Q-SYS touch screens), under the table (via I/O USB Bridge), or in the rack (via Q-SYS Core processor). This networked solution also allows you to use as many Q-SYS conferencing cameras and as many USB end points as you like, all without a matrix or additional USB switches. Best of all, Q-SYS bridging peripherals are all PoE.


TRANSPORT & CONNECTIVITY DONE RIGHT – Connect your Q-SYS processor and peripherals to the network switch using inexpensive CAT-5/6 cable, and then use standard USB 2.0 connection points from the Q-SYS bridging devices to the host PC’s. Eliminate cable length limitations and the costly mix of extenders and matrix switchers commonly associated with traditional systems.

SINGLE UNIFIED SYSTEM – You can create a seamless, intuitive user experience for your customers because the system won’t be a piecemeal collection from different manufacturers. It also means that your IT staff will only need to learn a single platform to support the system.

Here is a look at some common Q-SYS setups for small to medium meeting spaces:





6-8 people with shared Core processor

In this example, the Q-SYS Core 110f Unified processor is shared on the network to support more than one meeting space. Class-leading audio and cameras are bridged to the PC via USB for soft codec video conferencing applications, while bring-your-own device support is also provided for PC-based video conferencing.

Small Meeting Room

6-10 People with Stand-Alone Core Processor

This approach puts the Q-SYS Core 110f Integrated processor in the room, with concurrent AV-to-USB bridging devices in multiple locations. Q-SYS PTZ-IP conference cameras communicate with the Core processor via standard network switch, removing the need for a dedicated video switcher.

Medium Meeting Room

7+ Meeting Rooms

The Q-SYS Core 510i processor enables BYOD support for PC-based conferencing in all huddle rooms via USB. Microsoft Exchange server integration allows for corporate phone directory on touch screen dialer, while each huddle room utilizes a touch screen dialer for VoIP audio conferencing.

Medium Boardroom + Huddle Rooms

Reconfigurable for up to 4 large meeting rooms

In this example, multiple HD cameras are mounted throughout the space without the need for dedicated video switching equipment. QSC touchscreens are wall-mounted throughout for simple room setup changes. The Q-SYS designer software also lets you create User Control Interfaces for wireless control via iPad.

Multipurpose Room

All of the operations within Q-SYS function at the software layer, providing a highly scalable platform that can grow to fit future needs with a simple firmware update rather than the traditional “rip-and-replace” approach often experienced with hardware-based AV products.

For meeting room applications, these software-based operations include AV connectivity via USB to support soft codec video conferencing applications, VoIP functionality with LDAP and IPBX registration, multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), SNMP real-time status monitoring and much more.

To learn more about the Q-SYS Platform, visit QSC on the web at


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