24 Jan 2018

ENTECH USA on sale today

Our first ENTECH USA tour went on sale today with a team of three led by Kathleen Mackay from PMI Publishing making presentations to dozens of audio, lighting and video brands during the NAMM Convention in Anaheim.

With ENTECH Australia just over three weeks away, and ENTECH NZ headed for a sellout in July, the franchise is set for a successful debut in four important Southern USA states across September. Starting an hour from Washington in the large city of Richmond VA, the Janco rigs will drive seven hours to Charlotte North Carolina. Two days later the show runs in Atlanta GA, and the final leg is just a few hours down the interstate at Birmingham, Alabama.

In every case ENTECH is located within a convention centre ballroom, confirming the ‘no miles of aisles’ mantra where the roadshow is guaranteed to be an easy visit for time poor tech people from the entertainment, education, sports, corporate and public venue audio-visual sectors.


Initial reactions to ENTECH in the USA have been universally positive, with manufacturers keen on the efficiency of a roadshow with a focus on face time and a hard limit on the size of exhibits. With same day setup, no flown (hung) elements, and no booth walls, the easy setup and everything included costing has proven popular across the oceans.

Showing in four cities, the first ENTECH USA is modestly scaled as the same footprint of the Australian event, and priced comparatively. While business works differently in the US, the event has all the elements that are so loved in Australia, including freight, loaders, free beer, free exhibitor parking, free entry, free exhibitor lunch, and no extra costs.

Juliusmedia have partnered with Production Media Inc, a North Carolina magazine and online publisher with whom we have a strong relationship and common values. Finding the right roadshow partner is the only barrier to running more shows using our formula, we got the partner model right here in Australia with our SECTECH Roadshow which is run in conjunction with Bridge Publishing.

Publisher partners usually share a specific ethos, face common challenges, and the ones we choose have superb inbuilt marketing and sales teams with unmatched industry databases. To transition to a Roadshow, a publisher needs a certain set of attributes, and (so far) we’ve been able to identify and quantify these. There are more publishers talking to us now, some seem suitable and others not. We don’t partner with conglomerates, focusing on individually owned firms.

Juliusmedia Group is a private family owned company headed by Julius Grafton, who started as a lighting guy in 1974 before running various touring, rental, and audio installation firms. He established Australian Monitor, and started publishing to the sound, lighting and video industry in 1990.


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