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ENTECH NZ rolls in July. Biennial roadshow a hit

entech nz

Opening on Thursday 26 July at Christchurch’s Airforce Museum, ENTECH NZ is now firmly established in NZ with all exhibition spaces sold and registrations for 2018 well ahead of the last tour in 2016. The roadshow then hits Wellington on Monday 30 July, and finishes in Auckland on Wednesday 1 August.

People registering are reporting average annual industry spending of NZ$128,148 each which if extended across the probable attendance of 750, indicates a total spend of 98 million dollars.

“This jives with Australia where the industry is worth north of A$400 million”, CX Network NZ boss Julius Grafton reports in CX NZ Magazine this month. “We take a pretty careful analysis of the data, and cross check it against our other industry roadshow in Australia for the Security Technology industry.”

This year’s roadshow is full up, with the space available at the smallest venue – Shed 6 in Wellington – determining when sales stop. More space is allocated for networking this year with a new ENTECH Café serving free barista coffee until 4pm on the show floor, followed by the now famous ENTECH Happy Hour which runs from 4.30pm until 6pm – which is of course a happy hour plus 50%.

“What I find reassuring is ENTECH NZ reaches the vast majority of the NZ market”, Grafton concludes, “and last time we noticed people spent more time at the show than we see in Australia. It’s a nice vibe”.

Book online for free parking:

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