19 Feb 2020

ENTECH gathers the tribes

One good thing about social media is it has brought together the groups. ENTECH is officially a group destination this March, centred on the new ENTECH Cafe where free barista coffee runs until happy hour – and then the beer takes over.

New this year are three important organisations who will all have stands together, facing the cafe. CrewCare is the new charitable association created by crew for crew and led by a board headed by Howard Freeman. It works alongside Support Act, the entertainment industry benevolent association that directly helps people in need.

Completing the trio is The Tech Sisters which true to its name is a collective group of female tech workers. The Tech Sisters came about at the last ENTECH when Sydney based audio tech Jess McCloughan found a few tech sisters wandering around ENTECH and introduced herself. Soon a Facebook Group brought more, and they bonded on the issues they face as a minority in the workplace.

Finally, all technical groups on Facebook are invited to stake a table and hook up in the ENTECH Cafe, anytime during the show which opens at 11 AM and concludes at 6 PM. For once everyone is invited to bail out on the load out, and leave knowing other crew are paid to get the four semis loaded!


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