15 Nov 2017

d&b GSL ‘A destroyer of worlds’

The new top end, biggest member of d&b’s line array family is not a replacement for the iconic J Series. GSL is instead a system that delivers much more SPL and full broadband directivity control, for the largest events.

GSL8 is loaded with two newly designed 14” woofers for low end, and a single 10” out each side to provide full cardioid performance.. The design provides a very real low frequency usability, such that in some situations sub woofers are not required, especially in flown configurations.

The result is +8db more audio from a full array than from a corresponding J array, across the 50 to 200Hz range. At 50hz, the SL delivers +10db more. This is quite startling.

Midrange is delivered from one 10” driver on a mid horn, and highs come from 3 x 3.4” diaphrams. The overall cabinet weight is 80kg – a design target that was achieved from onset, according to  Matthias Christener, Head of R&D Acoustics (pictured).

With the significant increase in output power, the GSL promises not only to reduce subwoofers but also delays and outfills.

Importantly for d&b, the system uses exactly the same amplifier as others – the D80, which delivers something like 2,000 watts per channel. Times four, since it is a quad amp. Being able to use the same amp racks for different products is a big deal at d&b. GSL comes in 80 and 120 degree dispersion models and is sold as an arena package. The cabinets each way 80kg.

The subwoofer offering is loaded with 3 x 21” drivers – two out front and one at the back to deliver cardioid. ‘This one box is very amplifier friendly’, Matthias advises. “It has strong magnets, and typically runs at about 5 ohms impedance for the front and the back channels.

As the system begins to hit the touring market FOH engineers are reporting their monitor brethren as asking “ is it on ? “ such is the astonishing performance of the directivity.



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