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CX74 Sep 2012

6 CX expands, trade shows, broke businesses, more
8 Allans Billy Hyde collapse
9 Norwest in London
9 Eventworks mysterious legal actions
10 Selecon Mull LED Patt 23
14 The TOD fees debate continues
20 Gala Ball in the Top End
24 Roger Foley – Psychedelicatessen of Delights
28 PAVT launch Avalon by EAW
30 JANDS launch ETC Source Four LED
32 Ross Wilson and analogue audio
42 Event Safety Alliance Australi
44 PRG TruColor HS
46 Behringer X32
50 EMA Dual Driver Generic in-ears
52 Martin Mac Viper
54 Pandora by Wohler
58 Philips Selecon PLCYC1
66 Apart Bistro Set
40 What If there is a risk or a hazard?
56 Live Performance Australia
64 Biz talk with Julius
70 The Installer talks Employees
73 Duncan Fry in NYC