CX 70 May 2012

6      Production Biz Pitfalls • La Traviata Sells • Short Skills Short Wages

8      GOODNIGHT! In come the bulldozers, out go the gigs at the Sydney Convention Centre
9      SUPERANNUATION – apparently you are owed heaps!
10    DISASTER REPORT, venues must control gigs
14    SMPTE PICTORIAL: “We didn’t go to NAB!”

What if?
16    WHAT IF there were one set of rules for motorised chain hoists

18    HILLSONG EXPANDING in Melbourne and Sydney
20    INDIANA STATE FAIR – dissecting the disaster
32    EASTER SHOW turns on the pyro
40    COMPANY PROFILE: Audio Visual Events
44    RICHARD CADENA on random RFI noise from LED

12    PANASONIC PT-DZ20K family of 20k projectors
48    ALLEN & HEATH GLD – new small format digital mixing
52    LSC REDBACK Patchbays save space

38    DUNCAN FRY: Why ARX exhibit at Frankfurt
56    THE MAIZ finds reality gratifying. Gig sex: Discuss
58    ACETA: One year on and planning ahead
60    BIZ TALK: the importance of planning to fail
61    LPA: Contractors, Employees, and Super
62    THE INSTALLER gets weirded out on rails with a train PA install