CX 69 April 2012

6    Problems, Opportunities and Does Size Matter?

8      YAMAHA LAUNCH CL: Long wait, industry reacts
9      ROADSHOW WRAP – we find Australia’s smartest tech!
10    WOMADELAIDE: Prolyte stage roofs. CX apology
12    PRODUCER OWES $1.4M. Perth gig for 80,000 in Nov
14    STAGE and Studio call it a day

16    HOW TECHNICAL TRAINING is in trouble and what we can do about it
18    RODE OPEN new design studio in Surry Hills
20    NO DIVAS at Waterworld. La Traviata in Sydney
26    PERFORMING ARTS Centre at the Concourse, Sydney
32    ROD STEWART live. Rocks rudest soundguy runs out of headroom
36    JON ENGLISH: Old black eyes is back
40    RESOLUTION X powers up. Melbourne LX, rental and production house

What if?
38    WHAT IF there were one set of rules? Work, Health and Safety “Harmonisation”

42    GO CASE drawers case. Yep, we review a box
44    SENNHEISER XS wireless system
46    MIDAS Pro2C console
48    BMS VIDEO LINK. Wireless HD camera!
50    MA onPC Command Wing lighting control surface

56    NAVIGATE through the Maize …. we says, in a daze: aspects ratios and aerostats
58    BIZ TALK: the personal property security register (PPSR) and why it is/is not a good idea
59    LPA ON Construction Industry Induction
60    ACETA on the power of big numbers
62    INSTALLER. Getting Paid, part 2
66    DUNCAN FRY: The Windsor Castle