CX 51 June 2010


6      Good bad teaching  •  More gender equity  •  Hat’s off to Bueno Vista crew at Enmore

8       AV industry healthy
8       Show costs to rocket as new industrial award bites
10     Touring crew shortchanged under new award
10     Strand and Selecon cement union
12     Work for free curtailed from July 12 ISE wrap
14     AV market grows as broadcast stalls
16     Soundcraft Vil – small but big
16     Christie MicroTiles
18     Vale Simon Leadley
19     Vale Ross ‘Bullbar’ Hunter
20     Two major industry events collaborate on joint positioning 20 ARX adds switcher
20     Australian XTA distribution change
21     Yamaha announces “LS9 School”

22    AC/DC Depart Without Compromise
30    WOMAD 2010
38    New Approach For Curzon Hall
44    Far Too Bright! LED brightness and over-lighting considered
46    Console of the Future: What will new LX consoles look like?
50    Mastering the Past: How Stephen Bruel revived his band’s 1990s master-tapes

54     RSS REAC Digital Snake System
56     Prism Sound Orpheus
57     Sennheiser e965
58     Hall Research VHD-180 Scan Converter
60     JBL LSR2328 Monitors + MSCl Controller
62     Sony HVR-HDlOOOP Camera
64     Book review: Concert Lighting by James Moody
64     Book review: A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting by Steven Louis Shelly
65     Leon Audio PowerPoint Controller

28     Richard Cadena: Measuring an electrical system’s power factor explained
34     History: Highlights from Connections Magazine May 1995 & May 2000
36     Dr Danger! A Mackie 24-channel mixer is run over
42     Duncan Fry: Back in Black T-shirts and limitations placed on support acts
53     OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: Realities of the Live Performance Award 2010
66     Classifieds