CX 38 Sept-Oct 2008

6     Gender war reignites; live audio decline lie; feedback from angry light-people expected; we are audio and vision; China Olympics – query the All Good message

10     Freedman launches loudspeaker co.
10     Videoplus acquires Showcorp
12     Pro audio up 4-6% in 2007
12     ENTECH vow 15% more people
12     Dodgy technicians
14     Bose debut Controlspace
14     HK audio training
14     Sennheiser’s smallest mic to date
16     Novatech Go 50 Cents
18     HME wireless comms hands free
18     Riedel debut new Com-Over-IP
19     AKG’s new high performance cans
19     Jands launch Club Eon
19     Website updates
21     Røde M2 stage mic
21     People and buildings
22     HME transforms Seymour Centre
22     Jars of Clay demo powerful personal monitors
22     Alcons intro ultra-compact ribbon line-array
24     Electrical myths and carbon crap
25     World’s loudest band crack new SPL record

26    Springsteen at Giants Stadium
42    EVENT: Launches Opal Studio Monitor
52    CXPERT: Big Video
36    China: Lighting the Olympics
60    Lighting Love-In? Reminder that lighting is an art form
34    Chameleon open day
32    INDUSTRY PRO: Michael Jankie

64    Martin Audio LE2100 Wedge
68    ETC Smartfade ML Lighting Console
72    W-DMX Wireless DMX System
74    JBL VRX powered compact line array

46    History: Highlights from Connections Magazine September 1993 and August 1998
48    The Installer: life’s good in clubland
50    Richard Cadena: Streaming DMX – Taming the Cable Monster
55    Duncan Fry: One night only – Keyboards vs the Gary Puckett Fan Club
75    Classifieds