CX 31 Oct-Dec 2007

8    Premier Technology disaster; as moving lights fade, skills needed on graphics; Dolby and Audinate in Sydney – some smart people out there; short-changing crew undermines industry, and CX remembers shonksters; odd things sound engineers hear

10    Plasa 2007 – Where, When, What, Why?
14    DiGiCo debut SD7
16    Roland‘s 48 channel surprise console
16    KIVA unveiled and AAA first to buy
16    Staging Connections re-emerges
17    3 arena shows. 3 states. 3 days
18    Mackie goes to Billy Hyde
18    DPA do 4030 mini lav
18    High power LED leads launch
19    AMA announce officeholders
19    ULA to add W-DMX
21    Whitsunday HK Audio Tringle
21    FlashMic gets Line in
22    New force as Lighthouse debut Alpha
22    The strike ‘em dumb T Shirt
22    Freelance Tech Australia Directory
24    Hills SVL on the road
24    ENTECH intro Worship Tech training
24    Specialist lighting Seminars from ALA
24    Jands Staging Division Expands
25    Harman saved from bankers
25    Ambertech results and SSL

38    Powderchair – 20 Hits, 2 Bands, 5 trucks and 60 days
48    Here Comes Billy
54    Lights Sound Video Hotdog Action! Julius College Technical Party
68    The Digital Everything Primer
88    The Lighting Guy Who Ate a Country Town

26    HOW TO: Mic up a Drum Kit
74    Ask the CXPERT: New Directions in Vision
46    PEOPLE: Paul Collison, lighting design
66    PEOPLE: Bill Coghill, integration specialist
84    PEOPLE: Ryan Marginson, lighting designer

REGULARS (including Wisdom of the Ancients)
50    History: What was in Channels Sept/Nov 1992 and Connections Oct 1997 magazines
52    Richard Cadena; Tesla and why we use AC
85    Subscriptions
86    Duncan Fry: Regrets of Equipment Past
89    Classifieds
90    Ad index