CX 14 May-June 2005

9     World’s largest expo. We went, we saw
12    Fry on Frankfurt. His annual take or this experience
16    NEWS (Lots of people and product news)
27    Working in Thailand. We saw things that will surprise …

36    Line Array Comparison – 4 systems tested!
46    How to keep your business healthy
48    Technology is against me
49    Worship Technology – conference update
50    When the lights go out
50    Medical problems on the job
52    Amplifiers (and me). Reader Paul Matthews talks amps from the 70s
53    Neil Diamond Tour
56    Splitting signals (and the sound engineer) by Alan Mourant
57    Book reviews
58    Mixing in a Plug In world
62    Matrox Triple Head upgrade
63    Jack Joseph Puig. You want the ULTIMATE MIX?
66    Alienware Laptop
67    Five things you will NOT be able to fix in the mix
72    Blue Robbie preamp
74    Wave Arts Power Suite
77    Broomstick Bass
78    ADAM ANF10 Monitors
79    Seagate Pocket Hard Drive
80    Tascam FW-1082
82    Native Instruments Battery 2 drum sample module
85    Peterson VS-S Strobostomp tuner
85    Audio-Technica Pro 70 lavalier
86    Royer Labs SF24

87    Roadway LED wall may be world 1st
90    Lighting Saturday Night Fever with Gavin Swift
91    Tales from experience: Using digital lighting desks
92    Chauvet Trackscan 250DSR-ILS moving mirror fixture
93    Pulsar Chroma LED Panel
95    All about Sine Wave Dimming: What’s all the noise about
95    Using Jands Vista top end lighting console
98    ETC SmartFade