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Channels 7 September 1991

1    Daryl Braithwaite tour sells out
1    Soundcraft gets aggressive: Spirit STUDIO 56/8 $9995 retail!
1    Industry view: Chuggie still kicking arse!
2    NEWS – industry and products
3    AUX 1 – Who What When
4    PRODUCTION DIARY: touring production highlights
4    PRODUCTION SPOTLIGHT: lighting The Daryl with L.D. Alex Saad
8    BUILDING A STUDIO: new series begins with Meaningful Eye Contact post- facility & Peter Miller
13  THE CONNECTOR BIBLE: all about line level connectors – Jack and RCA
14  An Introduction to Stage Lighting Part 3 with Michael Tanner: watts, amps, dimmers
15  AUNTIE FRANK: Industry advice column
16  GREAT MISTAKES: She lived – I’m not in jail