Tech Talk

Robe Moves the Mountain at Masada

6 Feb 2020

Robe was chosen to be part of a new permanent multimedia spectacular at Masada Mountain near the Dead Sea in Israel.

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Stereo Typical

30 Jan 2020

One of the least explored aspects of the modern-day recording process is the way a ‘stereo image’ is captured. Andy Stewart considers the topic in our Recording feature …

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New ClickShare Conference brings wireless conferencing to the workplace

29 Jan 2020

Barco presents its expanded ClickShare range of wireless conferencing technologies for the demands of contemporary workplaces …

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Dynacord TGX20

28 Jan 2020

Tony Hystek and Peter Meredith from Action Sound review the Dynacord TGX20 4 x 5000w DSP amplifier for live applications …

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Timecode – Staying on Time

24 Jan 2020

Here’s an update on all things timecode – definitions and useful 3rd party add-ons to make life better for live events …

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Tips and Tricks: Recording with Soundcraft’s Ui24R

21 Jan 2020

Soundcraft provides a few tips when using the recording functionality of the Ui24R digital mixer…

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Acoustic Technologies CLA700A and CLA LF3200A

20 Jan 2020

Shane Seccombe from Offbeat Production and Events outlines why Acoustic Technologies’ CLA700A & CLA LF3200A loudspeakers suits their requirements…

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17 Jan 2020

Calibration and gain structure are two of the least appealing concepts in audio, and arguably the least understood …

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Live recordings the hard way

15 Jan 2020

Duncan Fry looks back at how unauthorised recordings of live music events was done – for later listening pleasure not for sale!

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Say Hello to S-Play

14 Jan 2020

For their 20th anniversary ENTTEC have been hard at work on S-Play, a programmable LX controller for recording and playback. VJ Suriya steps through some of the unit’s key features.

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Immersive Live Sound – The Story So Far

17 Dec 2019

AUDIO Immersive Live Sound – The Story So Far   Two years ago Immersive Audio or Spatial Live Sound rolled out into the live audio market simultaneously from L-Acoustics  (France) with L-ISA, and d&b audiotechnik (Germany) with Soundscape. CX travelled to both manufacturers to hear the systems and talk to the engineers in October 2017.…

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16 Dec 2019

ROAD TEST   ACME STAGE PAR BL-100 WW and BL-100 RGBW   Ashley Salta Ashley Salta is a Supervisor of Production and Technical Services at Rockhampton Regional Council, a position that encompasses technical management of Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre, a 1,000 seat proscenium arch theatre that is a major stop on the Queensland touring circuit.  …

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