Tech Talk

Tips and Tricks: Recording with Soundcraft’s Ui24R

21 Jan 2020

Soundcraft provides a few tips when using the recording functionality of the Ui24R digital mixer…

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Acoustic Technologies CLA700A and CLA LF3200A

20 Jan 2020

Shane Seccombe from Offbeat Production and Events outlines why Acoustic Technologies’ CLA700A & CLA LF3200A loudspeakers suits their requirements…

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17 Jan 2020

Calibration and gain structure are two of the least appealing concepts in audio, and arguably the least understood …

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Live recordings the hard way

15 Jan 2020

Duncan Fry looks back at how unauthorised recordings of live music events was done – for later listening pleasure not for sale!

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Say Hello to S-Play

14 Jan 2020

For their 20th anniversary ENTTEC have been hard at work on S-Play, a programmable LX controller for recording and playback. VJ Suriya steps through some of the unit’s key features.

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Immersive Live Sound – The Story So Far

17 Dec 2019

AUDIO Immersive Live Sound – The Story So Far   Two years ago Immersive Audio or Spatial Live Sound rolled out into the live audio market simultaneously from L-Acoustics  (France) with L-ISA, and d&b audiotechnik (Germany) with Soundscape. CX travelled to both manufacturers to hear the systems and talk to the engineers in October 2017.…

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16 Dec 2019

ROAD TEST   ACME STAGE PAR BL-100 WW and BL-100 RGBW   Ashley Salta Ashley Salta is a Supervisor of Production and Technical Services at Rockhampton Regional Council, a position that encompasses technical management of Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre, a 1,000 seat proscenium arch theatre that is a major stop on the Queensland touring circuit.  …

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Live streaming gigs from Blind Chihuahua’s remote studio

13 Dec 2019

RECORDING   Live streaming gigs from Blind Chihuahua’s remote studio   Audio, video, live bands, 4G, paying customers, Internet, live Internet. What could go wrong? Yeah – Blind Chihuahua decided to take on this daunting task. There’s a lot of moving parts to all this so let’s dig in shall we?   Paula Jones is an…

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Sticky Fingers

12 Dec 2019

ROAD SKILLS   Sticky Fingers The lighting for Sticky Fingers’ recent tour was big, bold, obnoxious and threatened to cut power to the host city!   In a big step up from previous tours Sticky Fingers, the Sydney band that are a ‘melting pot of psych, rock, and reggae’, completed an arena run around the…

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Trending in Production Lighting – Weatherproof Fixtures

6 Dec 2019

TECH TALK   Trending in Production Lighting – Weatherproof Fixtures   by ULA Group’s Simon Pentz.   While IP65 rated fixtures are nothing new, they have usually only been used in Architectural lighting applications. But over the last few years, the live production industry has started to adopt the use of IP65 fixtures as the…

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Yamaha’s AFC3 – from Acoustic Enhancement to Spatial Audio

5 Dec 2019

AUDIO Yamaha’s AFC3 – from Acoustic Enhancement to Spatial Audio by Jason Allen. DSP innovator Yamaha released their first digital acoustic enhancement system back in 1985. Over the years, they’ve constantly improved their technology, with AFC3 (Active Field Control) the latest in the range. Tantalisingly, at ISE in Feb 2019, they teased AFC4, which adds…

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Blood, Sweat & Ears

29 Nov 2019

LISTEN HERE by Andy Stewart. In every respect, music is a form of communication: a human expression, a sonic art. As a science it’s more about the transfer of energy across the medium of air (and occasionally water), or voltage through an electrical circuit. To others it’s the conversion of ideas and feelings into vibrations…

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