Events cancelled as coronavirus spreads

25 Feb 2020

Australian production firms are now feeling the pinch, as corporate events that require international travel are being called off.

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CrewCare kicks off 2020

29 Jan 2020

The new incorporated charity CrewCare held its first board meeting yesterday at the Palais Theatre meeting room, courtesy of Live Nation.

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Safer Trucking – Driver Monitoring Proves Itself at ATS

18 Sep 2019

by Julius Grafton Australia’s largest entertainment logistics firm ATS have introduced a fleet-wide driver monitoring system called Guardian Seeing Eye that has already saved one driver within weeks of implementation. The driver-facing camera feeds a control face-and-gaze-tracking algorithm that measures the driver’s head position and eye closure and, when safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and…

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Crew get free counselling and psychology – Support Act detail extra services

11 Sep 2019

by Julius Grafton Production crew from music, AV and theatre suffer a mortality rate that is a lot higher than the Australian societal average. Proof came when the ARCA reunion events several years ago resulted in a list of former crew from the 70s and 80s that grew to around 400 names – with the…

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Integrate attendance is solid – WorkSafe gives all-clear after set-up incident

28 Aug 2019

by Jason Allen The big news out of Integrate started the day before the show opened. A stand wall that was not yet secured to either the floor or overhead rigging was loaded up with LED panels, with predictable results. The entire thing crashed to the ground, taking a scaff tower with it, and into…

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Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – 1800 959 500

31 Jul 2019

You are no doubt aware that people in the music and creative industries experience symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety and depression at rates that can be 5-10 times higher than the general population.  You would also be aware that maintaining good mental health is a great way to increase productivity and help maximise the…

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Blowing Up (It Wasn’t Just Pyro)

5 Mar 2019

TOURING Blowing Up (It Wasn’t Just Pyro) by Julius Grafton.   The things that went wrong resonate same as the golden moments. Gold when everyone is happy, the show is sold out, sounds and looks great, and money flows where intended. But the sticky brown moments are our great test and they could come hard…

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How To: Moving The Stage Without Drama

25 Feb 2019

HOW TO Moving The Stage Without Drama: Reliable energy supply for stage technology With moving energy supply systems such as the igus e-spool and the zig-zag system, complicated stage applications can be implemented even in confined spaces and with high loads.   The challenge for every ‘stage builder’ is to create the perfect stage. Every…

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The School Musical – A True Story

13 Feb 2019

WAR STORIES The School Musical – A True Story by Stephen Dean. The school has booked the venue to do their annual musical, the sort of affair where it is important that the parents see and hear their little darlings. The only problem is the teachers directing. Yes, I said teachers, plural – who have…

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Sham Contracting Exposes Workers to Being Sued

11 Feb 2019

WORKER’S RIGHTS Sham Contracting Exposes Workers to Being Sued by Simon Byrne. Our regular readers would know that CX often bangs on about casual labour being essentially forced to get an Australian Business Number, or miss out on the work offered. This is sham contracting. It is where a worker is engaged as a contractor…

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Optical Audio Deliver Big Event Safety

12 Nov 2018

COMMUNICATIONS Optical Audio Deliver Big Event Safety by Jason Allen. Optical Audio, large scale communications and audio specialists, keep Melbourne’s major public events safe and running smoothly with comms gear from Clear-Com. From Australia Day, to the St Kilda Festival, through the Midsumma Festival Pride March, White Night Melbourne and the recent White Night Geelong,…

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Snow Job – The Projector from the Smithsonian

21 Oct 2018

DUNKS WORLD Snow Job – The Projector from the Smithsonian by Duncan Fry. It’s been a great season for the snowfields this year, so my gf said “Let’s go to the snow for a long weekend. We can stay in the town, and catch the shuttle bus up the mountain. What do you think?” Ah,…

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