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Bruce Jackson – Blazed Trails with Elvis

October 24, 2018

FEATURE Bruce Jackson Amazing Australian blazed trails with Elvis by Julius Grafton. Australian sound and electronics engineer Bruce Jackson was born at the right time to emerge as a leader in lighting and audio electronics during the late 1960s. He was the ‘J’ in Jands, which became the leading entertainment technology manufacturer and distributor in…

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Video Projection History – The Talaria

October 22, 2018

PROJECTION Video Projection History – The Talaria by Simon Byrne. 30 years ago, the brightest video projector available for hire in Australia was the General Electric Talaria. In the late 1980s they cost about $180,000 and produced a massive 1,500 lumens! Yes, a $180,000, 75 kilogram machine produced less light output than your cheapest office…

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InfoComm 1998

July 9, 2018

From the Archive InfoComm 1998 CX Media has covered many InfoComm trade-shows. Here’s our coverage from Connections Magazine in July 1998, if you are curious about what AV/integration looked like 20 years ago… By Editor Julius Grafton: “DATELINE INFOCOMM DALLAS, AS THE ‘NEW’ AV INDUSTRY PUTS ON 20% GROWTH InfoComm 1998 shone like a beacon in Dallas last month, as…

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Honey I Shrunk It- I really Did

March 29, 2018

REGULARS Honey I Shrunk It – I really Did We reprise a piece from CX Magazine, February 2013 where Duncan Fry ponders a smaller PA system… Since it’s the start of a new year, I’ve made a new year’s resolution to shrink the size of my current system to still keep the same output level…

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Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Junkyard Dogs

March 21, 2018

WISDOM OF THE ANCIENTS Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Junkyard Dogs By Duncan Fry. According to Jim Croce, Bad Bad Leroy Brown was meaner than a Junkyard dog. That’s a bit harsh on junkyard dogs – we had one next door to us at ARX for quite a few years, so draw close youngsters,…

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Moving Light Service

March 14, 2018

History – An article from Connections Magazine, March 2003 about Moving Light Service What’s involved? John Grimshaw visits a very large facility to see first-hand the efforts that go in to protecting a multi-million dollar inventory. It has long been known that ownership of any moving light equipment means a proactive service program must be…

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PA System Preflight Checklist

February 19, 2018

History PA System Preflight Checklist In 1993 Juliusmedia ran Certificate III courses in Sound and Lighting. The following article appeared in the first edition of CX Magazine in March that year. Pilots use checklists all the time – and live audio has some similarities to flying! This checklist is what our students use to get a system ready for…

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Duncan Fry – Don’t Diddle With Bo

February 16, 2018

Duncan Fry – Don’t Diddle With Bo I was working quite regularly with a band – let’s call them the Defects. One Friday their gig was cancelled about half an hour before I was due to get in the truck and head off to the load in. While I sat there wondering whether I would…

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Rick Doolan prepares for death

February 15, 2018

Rick Doolan prepares for death People don’t like talking about Death. Sometimes they have to. By Julius Grafton, 20 February 1993 “Fred Hollows said a woman has her moment when she gives birth, and a man when he dies”, said Rick Doolan, reflecting. Fred Hollows had died just hours earlier, drawing Rick to again face…

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Screaming Jets in 1992 with New EV System

January 16, 2018

HISTORY – Here’s a sample of some evocative writing from Connections Magazine – now CX Magazine – that readers have become used to, as Julius Grafton previewed in 1993 a new front loaded EV PA system used for the first time by The Screaming Jets. “The long hot afternoons just before Christmas are murder when…

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Fashback: February 1993, our first issue of CONNECTIONS

August 29, 2016

Connections 1 February 1993 view free here! News, Views, Products: For 1993 we see a huge swag of new equipment released onto our local market- with more coming after NAMM! Count the devices! 9      New MIDI Mix from Fostex: 9      Pioneer debut Pro Audio 9      Vari*Lite go legal 10    Pan Command,…

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Meyer Sound: Everything Matters

August 12, 2016

FACTORY TOUR; by Julius Grafton Since inception in the 1970’s Meyer Sound has occupied space in San Francisco’s Berkeley precinct and today 350 people make almost everything they sell, right there. It’s an eclectic precinct – the organic food market at the end of the street can feature a Sitar player. A gourmet hotdog tent…

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