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20 Questions with Tony Bryan



20 Questions with Tony Bryan

by Cat Strom.

For over 20 years, front of house sound engineer Tony Bryan has worked with iconic Australian acts including Grinspoon, Jimmy Barnes, Birds Of Tokyo, and Parkway Drive.

What are the three best things about your job?
I get to operate some fantastic audio equipment. I get to travel the world working and get paid. I get to work with some very talented people.

And the three worst things?
Bad load-ins (STAIRS). Early lobby calls. Travelling all the bands backline on the flights.

What do you never leave home without when working?
USB stick with console files. Headphones. Fresh underwear.

What was the worst nightmare you encountered on the road?
Getting a tooth pulled in Athens without pain relief!

What’s been the strangest request from an artist?
Can you make me sound good?

Who was hell to work with (probably best not to actually mention name but elude to it)?
There have been a few … how long have we got?

What is the most stupid request you’ve had from a member of the public, artist or promoter?
Can I have a bourbon and coke?

In your opinion, what’s the best show you’ve worked on and why?
All my shows are great but the best would have to be Parkway Drive in Germany. Massive venues, awesome stage set, and massive crowds.

What’s the most bizarre sight you’ve seen at a gig?
Courtney Love stage diving into the mosh pit with no underwear on.

Who do you admire in the industry and why?
Pixie Michael for teaching me the skills in the 80s to get me where I am today.

Tony Bryan

Which venue is your favourite and why?
Perth Arena – great load-in, great sounding room, great catering!

Which recent piece of production gear do you view as a game-changer?
The Avid Venue S6L.

What’s the most outrageous thing you have ever done on tour?
What happens on tour, stays on tour.

What was the worst weather event you’ve encountered at an outdoors gig?
Triple J One night stand in Dolby where a torrential downpour washed the gig out.

What would your ideal rig contain?
A d&b GSL PA.

Which band would you most like to work for and why?
I’m already working for most of them.

Do you have a favourite mantra to get you through the day?
Apples and sparkling water.

What do you think of the Australian live music industry at the moment?
It seems to be getting healthier.

If you could invent anything to do with audio, what would it be?
A foldout drink holder on the desk.

What did you really want to be when you grew up?
A racing car driver.

This article first appeared in CX Magazine August 2018 – print and online. CX Magazine is Australia and New Zealand’s only publication dedicated to entertainment technology news and issues. Read all editions for free or search our archive
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